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I've been reading Sound On Sound for a very long time and the content they produce for musicians and producers like me and you is second to none but I recently came across this video interview with Mandy Parnell on their YouTube page mastering engineer to the stars a mastering guru with some sweet eye-watering gear!

One thing I liked about this interview was her willingness to talk about mastering and her approach, which is all about working with sound and working to achieve whatever her mastering goals are by whatever means necessary.  She'll use Logic X, Pro Tools and the more traditional software for mastering rooms such as SADiE for playback to get the job done.  If a client brings her Logic X stems to master from she'll work with those and master from the original DAW if she feels that's the best way to work.

How will you interact with sound?

What I love about this interview is her non-elitist approach to mastering; just because she has equipment that will make you tongue fall out she's not afraid to do or work in whatever way will get the job done.  This approach is something we can all take and learn from.  The most important lesson of all whether you're producing, mixing or mastering is the process of creating is all about what you do with SOUND.

How you treat, manipulate and mold sound should always be the focus of what you are doing.  Of course it helps if you have a beautiful analog desk to work from but as Mandy puts it:

"nothing is set in stone ... I have mastered in digital ... I use both [analog & digital] it's dependent on the project ... For me the tools just make our jobs easier that's not the crutch of what we do it's about how we interact with sound."

These couple of lines are valuable pieces of advice.  She's saying it doesn't matter what equipment you have what plugins you do or don't own it's all about how YOU interact with the sound you're creating or mastering.  

Walking On The Moon

She sees her role as more important than the tools she's using "It's about how I interact with sound" she says and that is something you should take from this.  You are the one in control of your sound and how you shape it with the tools you have is only dependent on one thing - the creative choices you make.  

We sent man to the moon on technology far inferior to the technology of today but somehow with skill, genius and control over the tools and technology they had at the time a man was able to Pogo on the moon.  I'm temped to now insert a cheesy reference to The Police's Walking On the Moon but before I completely lose face with you I will swiftly encourage you to check out this insightful Sound On Sound interview with Mandy Parnell.

Be More Like Mandy

Coming soon mastering in logic will bring you a new lesson on being more like Mandy where you'll learn some tips, tricks and miL will explore ideas using Logic X, and it's tools to follow a work flow similar to Mandy's in order to get a great sounding master. 

The difference with this lesson is it's all about Mandy's philosophy of YOU being in control of your tools and learning how to interact with sound in order to create a better result this new approach that will guarantee a new workflow and approach that will help you create great sounding music!

Look forward to seeing you soon for this exciting lesson.

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