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Apple Releases Major Logic Pro X Update 10.2.3

Apple brings users another major update..

..including Chinese Loops, performance enhancements, a new LUFS Loudness Meter and much more.

Logic X 10.2.3 UpdateA new update has arrived and Logic Pro X 10.2.3 is a major update with tons of new improvements, bugs fixes and new sounds for us to enjoy and work into our music.

It's always a concern that Apple will eventually mothball Logic Pro X but with this software update, bug fixes, new plugins being given a fresh look for retina displays I can safely sleep at night knowing I'm not going to have to invest in another DAW any time soon.  Apple clearly is dedicating time to ensuring 10.2.3 will remain an important part of the company and that's great news for us Logic users!

The app store notes give a brief summary but there's a raft of serious improvements including 7 more plugins getting the retina display treatment, improvements to flex pitch, improvements to Alchemy, I'm sure a nod to the Chinese market with a whole host of Chinese music instruments and samples and something most will overlook but I'm very excited about is the new LUFS Loudness meter.  This in itself is a major improvement!

With most of the world going over to new ways of levelling audio Logic X was really being left behind with it's metering options.  For me a lot of the work I deliver has to be levelled using LUFS so I'm excited to see how this compares to my more dedicated LUFS loudness software.  Either way it's a good sign showing Apple's commitment to the longevity of Logic Pro X.

Most of the updates are fixes and general improvements unlike Apple's previous major update when they added Alchemy you're not going to get a shiny new plugin but you will get over 300 new fixes, updates improvements and new features to help improve and speed up your workflow.  Based on so many bullet points from Apple's support page I'd call it a pretty major update!

Thanks Apple for continuing to see Logic X as an important part of your business!  We the Logic community salute you!  WooHoo!

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