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DJ WobblyGREAT VIDEOs! thanks a lot!
DJ Wobbly
Danny Santos“You’re a genius!”
Danny Santos
Marcus Photina“Thank you for the videos!”
Marcus Photina
Steve Clark Music“Thanks for the ongoing videos on Mastering in Logic!!! They have all been very helpful.”
Steve Clark Music
AJ AfterParty“Fantastic! Make some more videos!”
AJ Afterparty
Steve H“Can’t thank you enough for the series on mastering … It was a real wake up call. Great job!”
Steve H
Mr Braxton“Lord knows I’ve been searching for this tutorial for too long and now I finally found the answer to all of my problems… you’re amazing! Thank you.”
Mr Braxton
Ed's Backalley Band“Very well produced vids man.  Very systematic, comprehensive, and concise.  Excellent.  Thanks! “
Ed's Backalley Band

Darren In A Mac

Hi, I'm Darren your trainer

My music is published worldwide, my work for Disney has been translated into over 20 languages, I am a number one Amazon chart selling songwriter with over 40 millions hits on Youtube.  

I have countless commissions working for some of the biggest broadcast names in the business including Disney, Sky, Discovery, BBC, Sony/ATV and many more.

Why miL?

I have created this site to pass on the knowledge I have learned over the years of working as a professional musician, songwriter and composer.  I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing people in the industry who have taught me more than I could have imagined but it took a long time and many years to perfect my art.

More Than A YouTube Tut

Mastering In Logic aims to cut out for you the time and years of learning that I have been through.  I have tailored the lessons on mastering focusing on specific techniques that will fill up your mastering toolbox with skills that you need to know and will enable you to produce better music and much better masters, we're more than just a vague mastering tutorial using Logic.

What Is miL

A Boutique Site

Mastering In Logic is a boutique website unlocking the art of mastering and is dedicated to bringing you the best and most complete guide to mastering in Logic Pro X to help you unlock your music's full potential.

Covering everything an aspiring musician needs to learn about mastering.

What Mastering In Logic Is Not

We're not a big website with 1000s of hours of tutorials on everything from Logic, Pro Tools to Final Cut Pro through to how to crochet a bobble hat!  We won't ask for a monthly fee, we're a small boutique tutorial site doing pretty much one thing but what we do do we do really well, teaching you to maximise your music productions by understanding how to master using Logic Pro!

Members Enjoy

In depth lessons on Logic X, downloadable mastering templates and plugin presets, how to correctly EQ in mastering, correct compression technques for a balanced master, multiband compression techniques, mid and side, stereo widening, limiting and much more. Mastering In Logic really is your guide to achieving pro sounding results simply within Logic X!

Here's A Sample For You!

If you're serious about your music miL will help you.

Get to know me either by watching the trailer videos below or by signing up at the bottom of the page and I'll rush you tutorial guides on mastering!

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