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ME User Logic X

Even Top ME Use Logic X

Mastering Houses Use Logic X too! I’ve been reading Sound On Sound for a very long time and the content they produce for musicians and producers like me and you is second to none but I recently came across this video interview with Mandy Parnell on their YouTube page mastering engineer to the stars a […]

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May the Fourth Be With You!

John Williams’ Star Wars score is iconic, totally mesmerising and believe it or not was all created before the dawn of the DAW!  Apparently people used to call it manuscript paper and I’m also told that you needed something called a pen too?  I’ve no idea what that is but it sounds old!  Thank goodness […]

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Mastering In Logic

Mastering truly is a Science and Art!

Music is truly a Science and Art It’s common knowledge that mastering is as much about a science as it is about making creative decisions that lead to a better master for your fans to enjoy your music even more. The technical and theoretical aspects of both writing, mixing and mastering are commonly discussed and debated […]

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Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 14.57.06

Trump gets a remix

Being British I may not have a political opinion on the US election campaign and even though this track has been produced on a DAW from the dark side 🙂 this really is worth a watch.  Not just because Donald Trump is a master of courting publicity but even without Top Trumps this is a cool […]

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