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Logic X One Stop Mastering Plugin?

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Logic's One Plugin Mastering Solution?

Waves have recently released the Infected Mushroom Pusher, which is a plugin that serves a dual purpose for both mixing and mastering.  I decided after using the plugin on a few commissions to do a short video to show you what the the IMP is capable of when mastering in Logic Pro X.  

Waves have a long history of making not just great plugins but what I call celebrity plugs, obviously one of the main aims of this idea is endorsement.  If a trusted music professional puts their name to the product then it must be good!  Scheps, Jack Joseph, CLA, Tony Maserati and many others have all put their names to the Waves brand and backed some great audio tools but does the Infected Mushroom Pusher live up to Waves' now near classics?

First off there's very few plugins that I won't try out or keep an open mind to using, some plugins are my day to day work horses and others I'll dip in and out of from time to time what ever their quality they have a place.  So will the IMP become a work horse or fair-weather friend?

In Waves' promo videos the group Infected Mushroom refer to the plugin being great for quickly mastering and testing a track out in the club without having to resort to hours of mastering.  They can tweak quickly with the plugin get it sounding great and then try it out to see if the crowd respond well to the music.  

For me as a composer I really like that idea, I have to work fast and get ideas to clients quickly but without compromising on sound quality if the IMP can give me a great sound at commercial levels as I'm developing a project then it's something that will be used a lot before I get to the final mastered versions of the song, track or cue I'm working on.

The manual claims you can get a great sound in seconds watch the video as I master a song with the IMP using Logic Pro and see if you really can get a great sound in seconds and minutes?

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