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10 Reasons Your Mixes Don't Sound like The Pros

10 Logic Pro Mix Mistakes

Why Don’t Your Logic Pro Mixes Sound Like the Pros? Here’s 10 reasons why and what you should be doing to about it! It’s a common problem for new to Logic and inexperienced semi-pros finding their mixes don’t match up to what’s commercially on the radio or web.  The mix lacks the depth, balance, loudness and […]

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Logic Pro X Quick Tips Speed Up Your Workflow

Logic Pro X Quick Tips Using The Assign Tools Speed up your workflow and work faster in Logic Pro X Welcome to’s quick tips.  No nonsense random tips that I think you might find useful? Maybe. I recently responded to someone on Facebook asking about how to speed up their workflow using the Fade Tool.  I created a really quick video to show them how I do it […]

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The World’s Your Studio Part 2

How Analog Affects A Mix Welcome back to part 2 of how The Audio Hunt can make the world your studio and even bring new and exciting collaborations your way. In part one Mastering In Logic I went through some of the drum and bass elements and analog processing that went into the mix for the very talented artist that is […]

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Waves IMP Title

Logic X One Stop Mastering Plugin?

Logic’s One Plugin Mastering Solution? Waves have recently released the Infected Mushroom Pusher, which is a plugin that serves a dual purpose for both mixing and mastering.  I decided after using the plugin on a few commissions to do a short video to show you what the the IMP is capable of when mastering in […]

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