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Logic Pro X Quick Tips Speed Up Your Workflow

Logic Pro X Quick Tips Using The Assign Tools Speed up your workflow and work faster in Logic Pro X Welcome to’s quick tips.  No nonsense random tips that I think you might find useful? Maybe. I recently responded to someone on Facebook asking about how to speed up their workflow using the Fade Tool.  I created a really quick video to show them how I do it […]

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How To Create A PWM In Logic Pro’s ES2

How To Create Rich PWM Pads in LPX PART 1 In recent years Logic Pro X has added the very powerful Retro synth to create all things well ‘Retroey’ and Alchemy, the swiss army knife of just about any sound and tone shaping goodness you can think of but Logic’s older but much loved ES2 is still a powerful Logic synth perfect […]

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Logic Pro X 5 Quick Tips To Using The Bit Crusher

5 Ways To Use The Bit Crusher Use the bit crusher to go from this…. to this…. Mastering In Logic presents Logic Pro Quick Tips. The Bit Crusher is an amazing plugin that can subtly or not so subtly transform your sound. Here’s 5 quick tips to help you better understand, enhance and warp your mixes with the Bitcrusher. […]

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