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The Complete Guide

To Professional Mastering

Mix Preparation.

10 Videos - Duration: 54 mInutes

In this section you'll learn that mastering starts from the first note you record and why it's essential that your mix is clip free and that Logic's digital metering can lead you to incorrectly setting recording levels that might not be compatible with your interface.   Learn how to correctly level the analog VU world with the digital.

Learn all aspects of BUS COMPRESSION and how to correctly use three essential COMPRESSION TECHNIQUES used by professional mix engineers to get their mixes glued ready for mastering.

Finally this section finishes with an essential look at how to bounce your mix so that it is ready for mastering, chapter concludes discussing at mixing from a mastering perspective.



Setting Up For Mastering.

6 Videos - Duration: 24 minutes

If you want to create great sounding masters that are punchy and loud it's essential that you set up and work in the right way.

This section covers everything you need to know about setting up different mastering sessions whatever style of music you write and will guide you to creating LOGIC MASTERING TEMPLATES and MASTERING CHAINS that will become part of your production workflow.  

Learn how to create an A/B mastering template, EP mastering template, Vanilla template and the best mastering chains and key commands to quickly move around your mastering session saving you time to get on with the job of making masters that are punchy, clearer, louder ... BETTER!

Analysing Your Master.

5 Videos - Duration: 37 minutes

It's no secret that the best mastering engineers use their ears to create the best masters but you will still find meters and analysers in their rooms.  

Logic has an expansive set of metering plugins, miL covers everything you need to know to aid and analyse your mix using just the Logic plugins.

The complete guide to understanding levels, frequencies and how to correctly use the Level Meter, Loudness Meter, and Multimeter will guarantee your music's always safe and ready for release.

Furthermore it's a common mistake to miss hear the frequency your want to treat and process in the wrong place, miL will train your ear to hear frequency correctly and guarantee your EQ adjustments are exactly where they should be!




8 Videos - Duration: 48 minutes

Mastering is nothing without equalisation and is one of the essential aspects of shaping your mix.  Mastering in Logic brings you a full and detailed expert guide to using Logic's EQ bundle.  

Learn how and when to use the channel and linear phase EQ and why they are different, how they can make your music smoother or punchier.  Discover the techniques of surgical and broadband processing.

Discover essential mastering EQ techniques like 'opposites attract', how to fatten a mix without touching the low end, learn how to brighten, warm and give your music the sheen that only EQing at the mastering stage can give.  Learn about the Bax curve and 15 not to be missed top tips on EQing your music for a better, bigger master!

Dynamic Processing.

13 Videos - Duration: 1 Hour 18 Minutes

Dynamic processing is all about compression, miL unlocks everything from DIY processing to in-depth compression tutorials.

Learn compression techniques to make it smoother, punchier, louder!  This section gives you the knowledge to confidently tickle, gently squeeze or crush the life from your mix, however you want to hear your music miL will give you the skills to do that.

Learn DIY compression, compression tricks - General pro mastering settings - Side chain compression - Transparent compression - Adding punch and attitude - Finding the balance point - Parallel compression - multiband compression and much more!

When you've finished watching this chapter you'll have a comprehensive set techniques that you'll use for years to come!

miL invites you to start learning now.


Mastering In Logic Stereo PluginsMastering In Logic Stereo Processing

Mono And Stereo Processing.

7 Videos - Duration: 47 Minutes

Stereo processing is all about treating the stereo image of the mix, miL unlocks everything you need to know looking in detail at the best plugins to use when treating stereo image and an extensive look at Mid/Side technique using Logic's humble workhorse EQ.  No need for Brainworks just load up the channel or linear phase EQ and you can create amazing masters by making the mix as wide, thin, dark or bright as you want without worrying about phase ... all with Logic's own plugin!!  Learn how to widen the top end while making the bottom thicker and tighter.

This chapter covers in detail everything you want to know about stereo processing using modulation plugins, stereo plugins from Logic's own mastering imaging tool to the mid/side options with the EQ.  This chapter will give you the knowledge and correct techniques to create wider, brighter masters.

Limiting And Mastering For Streaming.

5 Videos - Duration: 40 minutes

If you want your music to be heard online, on TV, web streaming or commercially release your record it’s important your tracks are as loud as other music in your style.  More importantly it's important you understand what the target levels are for online streaming.

Logic's limiters are easy to use but in inexperienced hands they can quickly ruin a great mix.  Help is here!  Become an expert learn everything you need to know about these simple but powerful plugins including correctly combining the LUFS meter with the Limiter.  

Discover how to get your music to the right commercial levels and how to correctly set the limiter ready for release to ensure your music's True Peak values won't destroy your mix.

Do away with confusion as miL guides you every step of the way.



Bouncing Your Master.

3 Videos - Duration: 15 minutes

Bouncing is often the hardest part ... it's the point you release your music to your fans ... don't disappoint your following by getting this step wrong!

A lot of effort goes into producing great sounding music and masters so make sure you're bouncing correctly guaranteeing your tracks will translate to different playback systems and services.

miL teaches you the best ways to bounce your music in different formats and codecs ensuring wherever your music is played it will always SOUND LIKE A RECORD.

Learn how to bounce the highest quality masters discover how to get your music straight to streaming services right from within Logic X and how to keep the music sounding its best all of the time.

This step by step guide will help you.. 

Get the mastering basics through to advanced, Get overall industry competitiveness, How to get clean dynamics but with an 'in your face' master, Understand multi band compression, Take your home recordings to the next level, Add sparkle with just enough volume, How to Stereo enhance with added atmosphere in the mix, EDM, Rock, Pop, DrumnBass what ever style you write miL will help you get that commercial sound.

And much, MUCH MORE!

Being upfront with you I'm looking to teach people serious about creating better music so the course does require a small one time investment on your part to get on the inside so that I can transfer my knowledge on to you with tips, tricks, ideas and expert lessons that will save you time and with my industry knowledge I guarantee you'll use these lessons for years to come.

Your music deserves that simply click below to join others training with miL!

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