The Loudness War and Logic-Part 4

Small changes to your mix makes a big difference to your master.

If you want your music to be ready for mastering first time round then these tips will help you get ahead of the game.

The final episode in this 4 part series finishes with some top tips that will help you to create professional tracks that sound great right from the first notes you play.

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Logic Pro Release 9.1.3

New update for Logic Pro users

Two new updates in a matter of months for Logic Pro Studio!

Seems like the Logic Team at Apple are either serious about keeping their customers happy or have been listening to us all and updating known issues Logic users suffer from.  Either way this new update is very welcome!

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The Loudness War and Logic – Part 3

This tutorial is about the key decisions you need to make at the writing and production stage that will help you master your music to a louder average level.

How you put your music together and the instruments and arrangement you choose will have a massive impact your music’s loudness.  You need to keep an eye on your music’s frequency balance and amplitude levels right from the first note you play.  Learning which frequencies are perceived loud by your audience and which ones will kill your master is essential learning for anyone who masters their own music.

These tips will help give your music that professional edge before you even think about mastering!

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Mastering In Logic – A step by step guide will provide you with the basic outline and key work flow that is essential to mastering your music in Logic Pro. If you don’t understand the mastering process you’ll have a tough time getting your music to sound the way you want it to.

Simply pop your email into the box below or at the side of the of your screen and we will send you the Mastering guide. That’s not all though, as you will be on the early bird list Mastering In Logic will send you exclusive mastering videos before they are made public.

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The Loudness War and Logic – Part 2

Part 2 looks starts with a (very) short history (actually it’s more of an over view!) of mastering and then explores why commercial music is getting louder and what this means for you.

The sad reality is whether you like it or not loud masters are here to stay and you as producers, composers, engineers need to get on that gravy train and make your music be heard.

We would be really grateful if you left a comment letting us know what mastering techniques you would like to learn in the future with


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The Loudness War and Logic – Part 1

There has been much talk about the Loudness War and not much about what it really means for producers and project studio owners.

This series on the Loudness War looks at how and why music became loud and how it has effected studio owners across the globe.

Part 3 (coming soon) explores some tricks you can use at the production and mix level to maximize loudness with losing all the dynamics.

Please leave a comment about the video you have seen and tell us what techniques you would like Mastering In Logic to teach you in the future!

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Don’t Master Your Own Music – Part 2

It’s good to master!

Mastering is the last stage in the recording chain it’s the process that can bring your music to life and is critical in creating a loud professional sound.

Enjoy part 2 on Don’t Master Your Own Music. In this video we look at why it’s good to master your own music and how learning to master can help you to improve your writing and production skills at the production level.

We are currently developing a community based site teaching you how to master in logic. We very appreciate your time helping us to help you. We need to need what are your biggest frustrations and what tutorials you would like us to produce to help you master punchier tracks in Logic Pro.

Would really appreciate a comment below on anything to do with mastering that you need solved!

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Don’t Master Your Own Music! Part 1

Mastering your own music is bad for your health?

A professional mastering engineers can bring a unique dimension to your music.  Having a new set of ears listening to your music and then master it can be a real advantage.  Your music can be shaped sculpted and in some cases squashed into in ways you might not have thought of ready to be burnt to CD, uploaded online or sent sent to the labels.

But, are you rich and do you have a bottomless pit of money to send your music to a mastering house?

This video explores why mastering your own music can actually be of benefit to you and explains that it’s good to master your music.


If you enjoyed this video please leave a comment below telling us other videos we can produce to help you solve any of your mastering problems.

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Mastering In Logic is coming!

Welcome to

This site is currently developing a host of videos dedicated to teaching you how to master with logic pro.

Please be patient – as they say it will be worth the wait.

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